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We have found the following results

D $\textstyle \sim$ $\displaystyle \frac{1}{N}$ (6.73)
$\displaystyle \tau$ $\textstyle \sim$ N2 (6.74)
$\displaystyle \eta$ $\textstyle \sim$ $\displaystyle N\quad \mbox{(melt)}$ (6.75)
$\displaystyle \left[ \eta \right]$ $\textstyle \sim$ $\displaystyle N^{2}\quad \mbox{(dilute)}$ (6.76)

All of these are at variance with experimental results. In the next chapter we shall treat a different model, the model of Zimm, which is a generalization of the Rouse chain, and gives results which are in good agreement with experiments. The Rouse chain will be used again in Chapter 8.

W.J. Briels