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Publications 2007

Computer simulations of entanglements in viscoelastic polymeric systems
P. Kindt
Thesis, University of Twente (9 November 2007)

Macromol. Theory Simul. cover

Coarse-grained simulations of elongational viscosities, superposition rheology and shear banding in model core-shell systems
A. van den Noort and W.J. Briels
Macromol. Theory Simul. 16, 742 (25 October 2007)

Flow of entangled wormlike micellar fluids: mesoscopic simulations, rheology and micro-PIV experiments
E.S. Boek, J.T. Padding, V.J. Anderson, W.J. Briels and J.P. Crawshaw
J. Non-Newtonian. Fluid Mech. 146, 11 (25 October 2007)

Rod-like Brownian Particles in Shear Flow
J.K.G. Dhont and W.J. Briels
in 2nd Warsaw School on Statistical Physics
edited by B. Cichocki, M. Napiorkowski and J. Piasecki
pages 7-73 (Warsaw University Press, Poland)

A single particle model to simulate the dynamics of entangled polymer melts
P. Kindt and W.J. Briels
J. Chem. Phys. 127, 134901 (7 October 2007)

Coarse graining of slow variables in dynamic simulations of soft matter
A. van den Noort, W.K. den Otter and W.J. Briels
Europhys. Lett. 80, 28003 (October 2007)

The permeability enhancing mechanism of DMSO in ceramide bilayers simulated by molecular dynamics
R. Notman, W.K. den Otter, M.G. Noro, W.J. Briels and J. Anwar
Biophys. J. 93, 2056 (September 2007)

Ab-initio coarse-graining of entangled polymer systems
J.T. Padding and W.J. Briels
in Nanostructured soft matter - Experiment, Theory, Simulation and Perspectives
edited by A.V. Zvelindovsky
Nanoscience and Technology Series, Springer, 2007

Particle simulations of nonlinear rheology in core-shell systems
A. van den Noort
Thesis, University of Twente (6 July 2007)

Intermonolayer friction and surface shear viscosity of lipid bilayer membranes
W.K. den Otter and S.A. Shkulipa
Biophys. J. 93, 423 (July 2007)

Surface modification of colloidal silica particles and fd viruses
Z. Zhang
Thesis, University of Twente (24 May 2007)

Thermal diffusion behavior of complex fluid mixtures
H. Ning
Thesis, University of Twente (28 February 2007)

Computer simulations of wormlike micelles
J.T. Padding, W.K. den Otter and W.J. Briels
in Giant micelles: properties and applications
edited by R. Zana and E.W. Kaler
Surfactant Sciences Series, Taylor & Francis - CRC press, 2007

Presentations 2007

Transient forces in soft matter simulations
W.J. Briels
Eindhoven, 12 November 2007.

The Mechanism behing Axial Segregation of Granules in a Horizontal Rotating drum.
M.M.H.D. Arntz
Philadelphia, 6 November 2007.

Progress influence particle parameters on segregation
M.M.H.D. Arntz
Wageningen, 16 October 2007.

Computer simulations of star polymers
W.J. Briels
Crete, 15-19 October 2007.

Challenges in sterilizing foods and food substances with zeolite
M.M.H.D. Arntz
Veldhoven, 3 October 2007.

Coarse graining of slow variables in soft matter simulations
W.J. Briels
Aachen, 1-4 October 2007.

Shear banding in Lamellar di-block co-polymers
W.J. Briels
London, 3-5 September 2007.

Enhancement of permeability and pore formation in ceramide bilayers by DMSO
W.K. den Otter
London, 19 July 2007.

Channels in biomembranes
W.J. Briels
St. Petersburg, 26-29 June 2007.

Lipid Membranes: Intermonolayer Friction and Surface Shear Viscosity
W.K. den Otter
Mainz, 13-15 June 2007.

Progress coupled heat and mass tansfer.
M.M.H.D. Arntz
Wageningen, 11 June 2007.

Computer simulations of bio-membranes and worm-like micelles
W.J. Briels
Enschede, 8 June 2007.

Transient forces in soft matter simulations
W.J. Briels
Enschede, 31 May 2007.

Particle-based simulations of soft matter systems
W.J. Briels
Juelich, 29 May 2007.

Responsive particle dynamics of soft matter
W.J. Briels
Erice, 2-5 May 2007.

Event-driven Brownian Dynamics simulations of hard rods under shear
W.K. den Otter
Lyon, 18 April 2007.

Coarse graining of slow vaiables in soft matter simulations
W.J. Briels
Napels, 12-14 April 2007.

Computer simulations of lipid membranes
W.K. den Otter
Enschede, 3 April 2007.

Influence particle and process parameters on radial segregation in a horicontal rotating drum
M.M.H.D. Arntz
Wageningen, 22 March 2007.

Computer simulations of soft matter; from atoms to mop-heads
W.J. Briels
Crete, 4-8 March 2007.

Simulations of membrane dynamics and other topics
W.K. den Otter
Lunteren, 5 March 2007.

The interplay of hydrodynamic and Brownian fluctuations
Lunteren, 12-13 februari 2007. J.T. Padding

Theory of Polymer Dynamics
W.J. Briels
Han-sur-Lesse, 29 January - 2 February 2007.

Modeling non-linear rheology in suspensions
W.J. Briels
Leuven, 31 January - 1 February 2007.

The colloidal arena: Brown vs. Stokes
J.T. Padding
Veldhoven, 23-24 January 2007.

Progress coupled heat and mass transfer
M.M.H.D. Arntz
Apeldoorn, 17 January 2007.

Poster presentations 2007

MD simulations of Couette flow of phase separating binary liquids
A.K. Thakre, J.T. Padding, W.K. den Otter and W.J. Briels
Aken, 1 October 2007.

Hydrodynamic and Brownian fluctuations in sedimenting suspensions
J.T. Padding and A.A. Louis
London, 14-18 July 2007.

Intermonolayer friction and shear viscosity of lipid membranes by molecular dynamics simulations
W.K. den Otter, S.A. Shkulipa and W.J. Briels
Londen, 14-18 July 2007.

Simulations of thermal undulations of bilayers
Lunteren, 12-13 February 2007. S.A. Shkulipa, W.J. Briels and W.K. den Otter

Mesoscopic simulations of resin rheology using responsive particle dynamics
A. van den Noort and W.J. Briels
Veldhoven, 23-24 January 2007.